Content remains king, but generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, Bard, and Claude are transforming how it’s produced. As these services advance, they can create high-quality, engaging content that outperforms humans.

A recent MIT study found subjects preferred both advertising and persuasive content written by AI over the same content by professionals. And they favored the AI content even when disclosed as such.

For content creators, this poses a monumental shift. Superior human-written content historically gave companies an edge. Soon, AI-generated content could become table stakes. So, ignoring this change and refusing to adopt generative content risks getting left far behind.

The Upsides – Better, Faster, More

The appeal of generative content stems from providing

  • Higher-quality content optimized for goals like driving conversions
  • Increased output volume surpassing human capacity
  • Accelerated production speed, creating content in seconds

The payoff

  • Increased conversion rates
  • Faster content to fuel search and social
  • Wider audience reach via mass personalization
  • Lower costs requiring fewer human writers

Overcoming Pitfalls

While promising, generative content has pitfalls like copyright uncertainty, bias, and factual inaccuracies. Over-reliance also risks generic, lifeless content. Thankfully, solutions exist.

  • Blend AI-generated drafts with human creativity
  • Carefully review content before publishing
  • Refine AI prompts over time to improve quality
  • Continuously update training data to match brand voice

This balanced approach allows for enjoying AI’s upsides while sidestepping downsides through vigilant human oversight.

Human Curation

The key is recognizing AI’s role as an enhancement tool. Like any raw material, outputs require refinement into something meaningful. That’s where the human touch remains critical – to curate. Instead of displacing jobs, humans now prompt, review, and refine content, bringing their unique creativity and originality that no algorithm possesses intrinsically.

Join the Revolution or Be Left Behind

Some organizations hesitate, fearing AI will replace writing jobs. But just as past industrial shifts altered rather than eliminated work, AI hands off lower-level writing while opening the capacity for higher cognition.

Potential starting points

Build trust and credibility by providing informative resources about your industry or niche. This can include 

  • Social media posts
  • Email/call scripts
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Educational articles
  • Comprehensive how-to guides
  • Interactive webinars
  • And more


The reality is inescapable – generative AI sets the new standard for scalable, high-performing marketing content. Leaders must get on board this wave before falling irrecoverably behind rivals doubling down. Identify where augmentation makes sense for your content demands and begin reorienting teams around the forthcoming AI-first future.If you need help navigating this sea of change, AIQL will guide you through the transformation. We offer cutting-edge AI services tailored to your content creation needs, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve. Let’s embrace the future of digital marketing together and schedule a discovery discussion.